“Loveless” is a darkly witty urban comedy about Andrew, a New York City commitment-phobe stringing along his ex-girlfriend while he chases younger women. When he meets the sexy, secretive Ava, Andrew becomes entangled with her bizarre, cult-like family. Comedy and pathos collide as the family’s absurd obsessions leave Andrew doubting his sanity and safety.

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The L Magazine

An interview with Ramin Serry about ‘Loveless.’

Roger Ebert, Sun–Times

“THUMBS UP! Andrew is played by Andrew von Urtz in his movie debut, and is played so easily and convincingly that you not only believe such a person might exist, but that you are probably looking at him…Although Andrew von Urtz and Cindy Chastain are in their first films and Genevieve Hudson-Price has only two previous feature film credits, all three have a natural ease on camera.”

The New York Times

“Ramin Serry has droll fun with this collision of worlds. Scott Cohen is a delightful, unpredictable storm.”

The Wall Street Journal

“A terrific ensemble cast and droll dialogue make the film an edgy riposte to mushy Hollywood variations on the middle-aged loser theme.”

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“The skeletal plot offers the ensemble a chance to slip into something quite comfortable. The movie isshrewdly paced and edited. Andrew’s party chatter mutterings are often dryly hilarious. At times ‘Loveless’ recalls Martin Scorsese’s ‘After Hours’ in its blend of black comedy and inchoate yearning. Watch for Serry; he is a genuine talent, with a sidewinding sense of humor and an affection for his characters.”

Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“The lead performance by Andrew Von Urtz: I have no idea whether his lines were scripted or just emerged from the gyroscopic whimsy of his own character, but they seem to be wondrously unrepeatable events, and throughout the film he offers viewers the live-wire sensation of never knowing what he’ll come up with next. Second, the ending, a deliciously reflexive, yet sweet and poignant, tip of the hat that reaffirms in practice the familiar dictum ‘classic = modern.’ “

Ronnie Scheib, Variety

“Deadpan charm. Loveless exerts a low-energy, dread-tinged fascination that intrigues.”

Stephen Saito,

‘Loveless’ scores! Like the two women who do find themselves attracted to Andrew during the course of ‘Loveless,’ one’s appreciation of the film may hinge on your tolerance of its central character’s dry wit and lack of ambition, not only since you’re spending 96 minutes in his company, but from storytelling perspective, form and function are largely the same thing. Which isn’t to say ‘Loveless’ isn’t ambitious – just the opposite, in fact, since it is hardly as easy as it looks to make a film as comfortable in its own skin as Serry’s is. That Serry occasionally shows up on screen as a friend of Andrew’s usually pushing a stroller or holding a baby is a fair analogy for the film itself, given the amount of care that’s put into it. Unlike Andrew, ‘Loveless’ is able to have it all.”

Eric Kohn, Indiewire

“Establishes both Serry and lead actor Von Urtz as talents to watch. Serry’s plot really takes off when he manages to merge the Ava/Joanna stories during a prolonged bit in which Andrew ditches the city for a getaway with Joanna and begins to feel paranoid about the possibility that Ava’s family has followed him. Whether he’s losing his mind or has a legitimate reason to freak out, the movie’s fleeting status as a comic thriller makes its study of a mid-life crisis in action suddenly come to life.”

David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

“Loveless has mellow charm. While the central figure of an overgrown slacker unable to commit is a familiar one, Von Urtz brings a nice sheepish wit and spontaneity to the deadpan role. “

Albert Williams, The Chicago Reader

“An intriguing portrait of an aspiring indie filmmaker. This low-key, ironic comedy features a deliciously loopy turn by Scott Cohen.”

New York Magazine

“An intriguing story!”

Mark Asch, The L magazine

“Well-executed. Acid, ominous, goofy. Paying teasing homage to older, even more off-kilter movies about NYC’s hidden power centers—like ‘After Hours’ and ‘Rosemary’s Baby.’ “

Zoe Young,

“A future cult classic about love in NYC!…With a hilarious performance from Scott Cohen of ‘Kissing Jessica Stein’ and appropriately indie views of Soho at night, ‘Loveless’ takes a DIY approach to finding the bizarre in New York City.”


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